Fairview Bat Co. was born out of a love for baseball and craftsmanship, combining the two to produce customized, hand-crafted baseball bats. Out of Central New Jersey, Fairview Bat Co. was designed to make your bat YOUR bat. 

With a global supply of custom lumber, Fairview Bat Co. has become an East Coast staple. From t-ball to men’s leagues, we are on a mission to change the game by improving player skill, confidence, and comfort on deck one bat at a time. From length to logo and everything in between, Fairview Bat Co. is molding the bats being use to mold our best players.

Constructed out of top-grade ash and maple, our hand-crafted bats are personalized from start to finish. Choose your preferred lumber, individualized length and weight, and unique design for your best swing yet. Represent your favorite team by adding your custom name and logo.

With Fairview Bat Co. you do not need to worry about fitting into the perfect bat, we will create the perfect, customized bat that fits you.

Bat Cuts

Fat Stick

Maple, Balanced, Medium Barrel, 15/16″ Handle, Medium Flare Knob

Fat Ash

Ash, Balanced, Medium Barrel, 15/16″ Handle, Medium Flare Knob

Mr. Skammy

Maple, End Loaded, Lage Extended Barrel, 15/16″ Handle, Large Flare Knob

Clap Stick

Maple, Slight End Loaded, Large Barrel, 15/16″ Handle, Small/Medium Knob

Fairview Bat Co.