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Fairview Bat Co

Fairview Putter

Fairview Putter

Introducing the Fairview Putter – the game-changing wooden golf club that redefines style, performance, and comfort. Crafted with precision and innovation, this putter from Fairview Golf Co. is not just a golf club; it's a statement piece that will transform your putting game.

The Fairview Putter stands out as a unique creation, the first of its kind from Fairview Golf Co. It features a distinctive wooden design with a refined maple finish, giving it an elegant and classic aesthetic. The wooden construction is not only visually striking but also contributes to a uniquely weighted feel, enhancing your putting experience.

Experience the next level of comfort with the Fairview Putter. The carefully selected materials and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable grip, allowing you to putt with confidence and ease. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as you compete and sink putts your own way.

This stylish and innovative putter is designed to make a lasting impression on the golf course. The Fairview Putter combines a classic look and feel with cutting-edge design elements, creating a club that stands out in both performance and aesthetics.

Elevate your golf game with the Fairview Putter – where style meets innovation, and comfort meets performance. Make a statement on the green, compete with confidence, and sink putts in your own distinctive way with the Fairview Putter from Fairview Golf Co.

Our custom handmade clubs come equipped with a top of the line Odyssey style putter shaft and a Dri Tac Winn putting grip!

Please Contact us thru email or on social media if you would like to create a new style putter or even add some cool custom features to one!

IG: @fairviewbatco    Email:

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